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Yes ur body is gearing up for the long journey ahead u will get some energy back around the 4th month good luck sweetie n rest all u can trust me

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2011-08-30 05:02:51
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Q: Is it normal to feel sleepy and have cramps during early pregnancy?
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Are sleepy limbs in pregnancy normal?

Yes. It comes from compression of the nerves and blood vessels.

Could being sleepy and getting gas like cramps and headaches be signs of pregnancy?

Yes, I had all three of these symptoms during the first trimester.

If you are more sleepy than normal does it mean you pregnant?

you do get more tired during pregnancy especialy the first stage but it doesnt mean that your pregnant you could just be a bit run down. if you want to make sure the only way to determine that is to get a pregnancy test.

What is the sympton of pregnancy?

First sign of pregnancy would be delayed periods. However, feeling nauseous, sleepy, exhausted, mood swings, and light cramps in lower abdomen could be the symptoms of pregnancy. If your period is late, go for a blood test right away for a final answer! Good luck!

Is it normal if hamsters are sleepy?

yes it is perfectly normal during the day and at night they should be more active remember hamsters are nocturnal which means they sleep during the day and are active during the night

Is being tired and sleepy part of pregnancy?

Yes, it is one of the many signs of pregnancy.

What can excessive training cause?

You can be sleepy, loss of wanting to eat, throwing up, & muscle cramps.

Is it normal for a puppy to act strange and feel sleepy after flea treatment?

yes it is perfectly normal

Anesthetic during pregnancy?

if you use anesthetic with delivery the baby may be alittle sleepy the first day but that's all they do the first week anyway. personal choice. joymaker rn

Is it normal for a 12 year old to be sleepy a lot during puberty?

It is if you're not getting enough sleep - teens and kids need 10 hours of sleep a night!

Does you feel more sleepy during period?


Why am i always tired and sleepy?

One can always feel sleepy and tired because of the tedious activities done during the day.

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