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they are great at detecting pregnancy early

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2012-07-14 00:52:00
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Q: First response home pregnancy test accuracy percentages?
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Can a pregnancy test be positive after a day?

No, Wait until the day of your next expected period. Or get first response it can tell earliest of 6 days before period but not a 100% accuracy.

What is the best pregnancy test to take?

First response

How do you read a first response pregnancy test?

With your eyes

How reliable is a First Response pregnancy test?

The First Response pregnancy test claims to be extremely reliable. They claim pregnancy can be detected up to three days before a missed period. Check out reviews written by users on Amazon.

Who is actress in the First Response pregnancy test commercial?

Amy raudenbush

Can you take a pregnancy test a week before your first white pills?

Yes. Birth control pills do not affect the accuracy of pregnancy tests.

Can you get a positive if not pregnant in a first response pregnancy test?

False positives are possible.

What is the most accurate pregnancy test?

first response/answer are both really good

What is the best pregnancy test?

First response, about $20 in a drug store or pharmasy.

After using First Response pregnancy test and receiving your answer. If letting the test sit for a while or holding onto it for a little bit will the answer change?

No. Once an answer is on the pregnancy, that is your result.

Which pregnancy test detects sooner?

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test I used an EPT test four days before I expected my period, and there was a very dark cross stating I was pregnant. I used the First Response one day later and it was negative, then I tried the First Response again on the 4th day, (one day before my period) and it was positive. I prefer the EPT.

What pregnancy tests can dectect early?

first response or ept digital certainty, there are others but those are two that i know of specifiacally

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