Effects of smoking cigarettes

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Billions of little pieces of dirt flow from the cigarette. It stinks and is carcinogenic. The person who smokes gets a dirty complexion and a cough; they have a strong smell; they get sick a lot and die sooner.

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Q: Effects of smoking cigarettes
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What are 3 short term effects of smoking cigarettes?

what are 3 shout term effects for smoking

Medium term effects of smoking cigarettes?

you die........

What are all of the side effects of smoking cigarettes?

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What are the long-term side effects of smoking clove cigarettes?

The same as for other cigarettes, but with the added benefit of smelling like cloves.

What is prohibited in The White House?

smoking cigarettes. smoking cigarettes

What are the effects of smoking on lungs?

they get clogged up with tar which is a black, gooey substance in the cigarettes that you breathe in

Is electric cigarettes it the future of smoking?

No.Electric cigarettes are vaperizing,not smoking.

Does smoking cigarettes and pot effect white blood cell count?

Yes smoking effects your white cells and especially your breathing lungs.

Will hookah smoking replace regular cigarettes?

Most of people suppose that hookah smoking is not as bad as smoking regular cigarettes. Will hookah smoking replace regular cigarettes soon?

Does smoking help with the pain of cancer?

Smoking what? I can't see how smoking cigarettes would help with pain control, but there is much anecdotal evidence that smoking (or ingesting) marijuana can be helpful with various effects of cancer such as pain, and the side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea and appetite loss.

What effects does smoking cigarettes have on the body?

it gives you cancer in your lungs.the tar in smoke turns your lungs black and it burns them

Effects of cigarettes?

smoking can cause fat to build up in arteries and block them.nicotine makes arteries narrower.

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