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is it illegal in California for an adult to drink alcohol in an open garage?

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Q: Drinking alcohol in an open garage is it illegal?
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Is it illegal to be drinking in a car if you are not driving?

In England and Wales, it is illegal to have an open bottle of alcohol in a car in motion, let along anyone drinking it. In the U.S. it can be illegal to drink in a motor vehicle that is not in motion.

Is driving with open beer illegal in me?

Yes, in ALL states it is illegal to drive with an open beer or alcohol.

Can you drive in Alberta with a passenger who is drinking alcohol?

It is not legal in Alberta to drive a motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol. This law also affects the passenger who is drinking alcohol.

Is it legal for an adult to have open alcohol in a car in Victoria Australia?

It is not illegal to drink alcohol in cars in Victoria. It is illegal to drive a car in Victoria with a blood/alcohol content of 0.05% or higher.

Is it illegal to have a open bottle of alcohol in your the trunk of your car?

yes it is legal

Can you sell alcohol at a garage sale?

Selling alcohol in most states requires a license, so check your own local laws. It is also illegal to have open containers of alcohol in many public areas, so although you could share drinks at your own house your buyers may get in trouble for walking around the neighborhood with them.

Are liquor stores open on Sunday in ks?

No.because alcohol is illegal soon is don't have alcohol stores openon sunday

To carry an open container of alcohol in your vehicle only if?

it is in a brown bottle and it is still illegal

Can you receive a ticket for having an open container of alcohol in your trunk in California?

Yes, you can get a ticket for having an open container of alcohol in you car while driving the state of California. You can get a ticket because it is illegal to have unsealed alcohol in your car.

Can a passenger drink alcohol in a car in Virginia?

Negative. Open containers are illegal in every state. This answer is false. There are 7 states where there are no open container laws. While it is illegal for the driver to consume alcohol, passengers may do so. Mississippi actually allows the driver to consume alcohol. Virginia is one of the 7 that has no open container law pertaining to a passenger in a motor vehicle.

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