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No, not at all. It is only gay if you are sexually attracted to each other.

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2013-09-06 03:54:45
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Q: Does you skinnydipping with your friends make us gay since were all guys?
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well its hard to make guy friends without them coming onto heres what i suggest.....make friends with guys that either have girlfriends ....are older than you....or are gay.....just start talking to some guys and dont talk about guys stuff theyll think your just sucking up. our doomed just like i am

Do married men like gay guys?

Yes. Gay guys make great friends.

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I don't know. I'm a girl and I find that my tomboy frien is one of the best friends I hav ever had!ANSWERMy group of friends are a mixture of girls and boys but in primary all my friends were guys cause im a total tomboy i make better friends with guys easier cause i share there interests.

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they want to make you jealous because they really like you .

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Hell yes! Guys only want sex and if you look sexy then he'll want you.

What will two guys that are friends do if they like you?

they could do 3 things: they could fight over you and make you choose one of them, they could just leave you alone since they are friends, or they could have sourt of a "competition" to see who wins you by being sweeter or nicer or whatever they think you like in a guy.

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