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they could do 3 things:

they could fight over you and make you choose one of them, they could just leave you alone since they are friends, or they could have sourt of a "competition" to see who wins you by being sweeter or nicer or whatever they think you like in a guy.

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Q: What will two guys that are friends do if they like you?
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Can a guys tell if they like you or not if the two of you are friends?

most of the time yes

What do you do when you like two guys?

if you like two guys then hang out with them both and become friends. whichever one is more friendly and nice then hes probably your guy.

What to do if you like two guys and they treat you friendly?

Choose one and be friends with the other

Do guys like when their friends like his girlfriend?

Guys want their friends to like their girlfriend but nothing more........ They don't want her to be liked by his friends as much as he likes her........ Guys just want their friends to accept her and be ok with it but not love her...

What if you like 4 guys Two good friends the other two are your exs. How do you chose the right guy?

Follow your heart

Really athletic build and you are a gymnast you like these two guys and you are not sure if they like you and they are like best friends Is your body holding you back from having a boyfriend?

Well not really, but it's ok to like the two guys even if there bestfriends , but just pick the right guy! Well not really, but it's ok to like the two guys even if there bestfriends , but just pick the right guy!

What are folks?

it is like when people say friends or "guys"

Why do girls have friends with benfits?

because guys like it

Do married men like gay guys?

Yes. Gay guys make great friends.

Where do teenage girls like to hangout with guys?

The Mall. The Movies. Just hang around the town. For me and my friends, we personally like skateboarding and the mall. By the way, Most of my friends are guys. (:

Do guys like to be touched in front of their friends?

Sexually? NEVER!

What to do when you become friends with a guys then act like hes not here?

Don't Act like that! You aren't going to be friends for long then! And if u like him some guys wont think you're playing hard to get