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Yes, whey protein can aid in weight gain when incorporated into a balanced diet and exercise routine. As a high-quality protein source derived from milk, whey protein contains essential amino acids that support muscle recovery and growth. Consuming whey protein after resistance training can promote muscle protein synthesis, contributing to increased muscle mass and overall weight gain. Additionally, mixing whey protein powder with liquids like milk or water adds extra calories to the diet, making it a convenient option for those looking to increase their caloric intake to support weight gain.

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yeah its helps you gain weight because it help build muscle and muscle has weight to it

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Q: Does whey protein help you gain weight?
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Is whey protein effective for gain weight?


Do you gain weight by drinking whey protein?

It will not make miracles, but with a correct diet & regular workouts, it will help you grow your muscles =>you will gain weight

Does designer whey protein work to gain weight?


Does whey protein work as a muscle weight gainer?

Protein is required to gain muscle. However, if you follow a well balanced diet with plenty of protein in it, whey is not nescessary.

Is whey leads to gain weight?

"Whey protein is a high quality, complete protein source with little to no fat that can help control hunger and weight," says Dr. Julie Miller Jones, a professor of nutrition at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minn.

Drink ensure gain weight?

i wouldn't recomend it exclusively for the purpose of weight gain. if you are a healthy person, try a whey based protein shake or onesource optimal nutrition

Why might one drink whey protein shakes?

One might drink whey protein shakes to help supplement their diet with additional protein. Whey protein is a very fast absorbing type of protein so it is very useful for building and repairing muscle tissue after weight training.

I want to gain weight but if I exercise will that make me lose weight because I don't want to lose weight I want to gain weight and be fit?

To gain weight and "be fit" you should do heavy weights with low repititions (5-8) Take lots of whey protein & maybe try out a weight gainer mix My favorite mix is Muscle Milk - it's preferred by lots of body builders I know. Also check out just pure whey protein

Is whey protein used for body builders has any side effects?

Mainly helps in muscle build, which causes weight gain.

Do whey protein drinks help people get into shape?

Whey is a common ingredient in protein shakes. Whey is a natural food source that is high in amino acids, which can aid in weight loss if exercise and low calorie/fat diet are integrated.

Can milk egg and whey protein help weight loss?

yup but dont just go nuts with it

I am 18 years old. I am 6 foot 4 and weight about 175. Whats the best ways to gain weight and put up muscle at same time. Is it better to use Muscle Milk or Whey Protein.?

Daily weight lifting on your whole body is a good thing. My brother uses Whey Protein.