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No, a vaginal suppository doesn't slow the flow of menstruation. Menstruation is the shedding of the uterus lining, nothing you put into your vaginal canal can effect this shedding process. There are medications that can effect your flow.

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Q: Does vaginal suppository slow the flow of menstruation?
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How do you slow the bleeding during menstruation?

Menstruation is an involuntary process. The rate of flow/bleeding is not influenced by what we do. Certain medications as well as stress may affect it.

Why is your menstruation slow?

because your noob

What measures should nurse take when administering tigan suppository?

take slow, deep breath during insertion

If your hymen is broken or just not there will your period be shorter because there is no membrane there to lengthen the time of blood flow?

By the tiniest bit, yes. The blood flow is based on hormones in your body - since menstruation is a slow process (you don't lose it all at once) the hymen doesn't slow down the flow. Were it to be a rapid process (8 hours say) then it definitely would impact flow rate: a constriction on a hose is far more effective against high rate of flow, and almost zero effect on very slow rate of flow. IF it added any time you would see a slow down of minutes not hours: any "speed up" would be at most minutes.

Blood capillaries have fast or slow flow?

Capillaries have slow flow. This slow speed maximizes opportunities of diffusion of oxygen, nutrients, and wastes.

What ensures slow flow of lymph?

The lymphatic system has no pump so the flow of lymph is slow. The contraction of surrounding muscles helps to make if flow.

What is the name of the time of life when the ovaries slow down hormone production and menstruation gradually stops?


What is the name of the time of life when the ovaries slow down hormones production and menstruation gradually stops?


Is flow of lymph through lymph nodes fast or slow compared to blood capillaries?

The flow of lymph is slow because the lymphatic system has no pump.

What can course slow menstrual flow in a woman?


What are the signs of a clogged well screen?

Slow or no flow.

How will blood flow out in case an artery cut?


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