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Q: What can course slow menstrual flow in a woman?
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Does eating flour slow down menstrual bleeding?

No, eating flour cannot slow down your menstrual bleeding at all.There are medications that can help lighten menstrual bleeding, and over time dietary changes can reduce menstrual flow too. But there is nothing you can eat to 'slow down' your menstrual period.

If ibuprofen may interfer with platelet aggregation why does it slow menstrual flow instead of increase it?

Its antiprostaglandin effect serves to decrease menstrual bleeding.

How fast does the lower course of a river flow?

Fairly slow

How do you slow down heavy blood flow during a menstrual period?

drink lots of water it thins the blood

Will ibuprophen slow down heavy blood flow during a menstrual period?

I'm sorry to say but no ibuprophen may help with cramps , but it thin's your blood making the blood flow heavier

Does drinking caffeine slow down your period?

Yes, coffee can slow down and lessen your menstrual flow - although not by that much, certainly it'snot the most effective method of reducing flow. Coffee is a vasoconstrictor, which basically means that it causes the blood vessels in the uterus to constrict which limits blood loss.

How quickly does water flow in a course grained material - fast or slow?

Normally the flow of water through a course grained material will be faster than through a fine grained material as the pore spaces between the grains tend to be larger.

Blood capillaries have fast or slow flow?

Capillaries have slow flow. This slow speed maximizes opportunities of diffusion of oxygen, nutrients, and wastes.

What ensures slow flow of lymph?

The lymphatic system has no pump so the flow of lymph is slow. The contraction of surrounding muscles helps to make if flow.

If you have started a menstrual cycle and begin a strenuous exercise routine could this temporarily slow down or stop it?

yes it will temporarily slow your cycle, but a few minutes after you're down it would go back to its normal flow...the only time your cycle would stop is if you are taking a shower or bath...

Is shadow slow?

No of course not.

Is flow of lymph through lymph nodes fast or slow compared to blood capillaries?

The flow of lymph is slow because the lymphatic system has no pump.

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