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No, you decide to be addicted to something with the help of chemicals in the substance. Marijuana is a natural plant that doesn't usually have anything laced with it. So no

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Q: Does the use of marijuana cause addiction?
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What is in marijuana that makes it addictive?

Marijuana has no actual physical addiction. The addiction is psychological.

What are more things marijuana can do to you?

marijuana can prevent you from learning new things, cause laziness in a sense that you have no motivation or desire to learn and it can lead to addiction.

What is the addiction to marijuana?

Marijuana has never been shown to be addictive, however some people can create a psychological addiction to anything.

How is marijuana addictive?

depends on person to person marijuana is generally addictive but few people starts hating it even in that state of mind they can use marijuana if they get it, addiction enhance with regular use .........

What is marijuana addiction and what are the signs?

Marijuana addiction is more just a mental addiction, it is not psychically addicting. The signs are just the obsessive need to smoke several times a day everyday

Is marijuana additive?

Yes, marijuana use can trigger an addiction. This risk comes from changes that happen in the brain, just as they do with other drugs and alcohol as a part of Marijuana Abuse Symptoms.

Is marijuana eddictive?

Marijuana is psychologically addicting but there is no evidence for any physical addiction.

Can steroids cause addiction?

Yes a regular use of steroids can lead to addiction. But there are anti drugs to overcome it.

Does marijuana help kill other drug addictions?

no because marijuana is an addiction itself...

What is the most addictive marijuana strain?

No strain of marijuana has any addictive properties. Marijuana is used to treat addiction.

Does the use of marijuana cause involuntary foot movement?

No. No it does not.

Can people get treated for marijuana addiction?

yes, but it is not common. marijuana is not an addictive drug just pschological.

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