Does the lg beacon have any games?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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none that i can find for metropcs. but if any one knows where to get them. let people know.

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Q: Does the lg beacon have any games?
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Which phone is better a huawei m835 or a lg beacon?

lg beacon because it got more features and cost more and has a high quality

How can you download music to your LG Beacon?

I am looking for how download music lg bacon

Does the LG Beacon take videos?

Sadly it does not :(

How can you unlock the screen on your LG beacon if you forgot the code?

i locked my lg beacon phone by accident and i cant get into my phone forgot my passcode nd my number how can i unlock it

What type of lock can you put on the lg beacon?

da android lockscreen jmdo

How can you put a lockscreen on a lg beacon?

settings -> phone settings -> security -> auto device lock -> immediately. There you go! :)

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Is there any games for the Lg Kp500?

Yes, by typing in 'LG KP500 games' into google it comes up with many sites you can download 'excutable java files' which you import onto your phone and install which creates other games on your mobile I suggest using

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Beacon does not come from any specific country. Beacon is a device that is designed to attract attention to a specific location. It is conspicuous in nature.

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