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Yes, at the top there is a piece that if removed shows the sim card, this is how people can get iphones to work on tmobile

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Q: Does the iPhone take a sim?
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Will an iPhone work with normal SIM card?

Of course, the iPhone 3G and/or the original iPhone will take any normal sim card; the 3G iPhone will take the 3G sim as well.

What phones take the little sim cards?

The iPhone uses the micro SIM card

What other phones can your put your iPhone sim card into besides the iPhone for ATT?

any AT&T phone that can take that sort of sim card.

Why does your Apple iPhone now say no SIM card?

Take the sim card out and clean the contacts.

Can you take a sim card from a Samsung phone and use it on an iphone?

As long as the iPhone is unlocked, then yes, you should be able to use your SIM from a Samsung phone on it.

Can you but SIM card in the iPhone?

iPhone needs a SIM card from AT&T

How do you use an iPhone 2G non-phone features without a SIM?

just take the sim out and it works

How do you sync an iPhone without a sim?

well..... first you take the sim card out of your iphone.....then you connect the iphone to your computer....the phone will appear under devices as usual then you just sync.....hope i helped!

How can you take out your sim card from iPhone?

To remove the SIM, insert the end of a small thin paper clip into the hole on the SIM tray. Press firmly and push it straight in until the tray pops out. iPhone is designed to work with most AT&T SIM cards. Other SIM cards may not work. For best results, use the SIM card included with iPhone

Are 3G iPhone sim cards bigger than 4G iPhone sim cards?


How do you transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone sim card?

No sim cards are only for numbers

Did iPhone have SIM card?

You'll need a SIM card to use an iPhone as a phone.

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