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If not marked, you will need to have it examined by a competent gunsmith

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Q: Does the hw cooey 84 take 3 magnum 410 cartridges?
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Does cooey still manufacture guns .410 shotgun?

Winchester bought Cooey in 1961.

How much is a cooey 410 gauge model 840 Winchester western Canada limited worth?

cooey 410 gauge model 840 Winchester Canada. single shot

What is a Cooey model 840 410 gauge shotgun worth?

150 - 200 bucks in .410

Can a 410 shot gun shoot any other rounds?

Typically, no. There are some .410 shotguns which can also fire one or more rimmed pistol cartridges (usually .45 Long Colt, but I've seen them for .41 Magnum and .44 Magnum, as well), but these are purpose built to be able to do this - it cannot be done in an ordinary .410 shotgun.

Where might you find parts for a Winchester-Western Cooey Model 84 410 shotgun?

Numrich gun parts

Did Cooey ever make a 410 bolt-action with a variable choke?

No they did not. Cooey only made single shot shotguns starting in 1948. For awhile, back in the late 30's, they assembled shotguns for Iver Johnson in Canada.

Can you shoot 410 shells in a 45 revolver?

No. But there are revolvers made to shoot .410 shells that also fire .45 Colt cartridges,

Can a 410 shoot a 44 magnum bullet?

Not safely. Despite the tales you have heard about this, the pressures of a .44 Magnum are well above the design pressure of a .410. WHEN (not if) the gun fails, someone is going to be hurt. No. Don't.

What length shotgun cartridges can be fire from a Model 22 410?

3 inch

Can you use a 3 shell in a Cooey Model 840 410?

Probably. Check the side of the barrel. If it is marked "2 1/2 - 3 inch" you should be good to go.

Is there a maximum shell length for a single shot Iver Johnson 410 shotgun?

Most of the older 410's were 2 3/4 length shells.........they were not chambered for 3" magnum.

How old is a 410 model 18 spring field?

"Lancasters pattern centrefire and pinfire .410 shot cartridges first appear in Eley Brothers Ltd. advertising flysheets in 1857. By 1874 Eleys were advertising modern centrefire .410 cartridges. It appears to have become popular around 1900" Wikipedia said this about the .410 cartridge... Could possibly give some clues on the age of the Springfield model 18. For instance, the first .410 cartridges were developed in 1857, meaning the model 18 was made between 1857-present. We know it isn't modern, and that the cartridge became popular in 1900, so here is my educated guess: the Springfield model 18 is anywhere from 65-100 years old. Not a very specific, but I hope this helps your research.