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No as a mater of fact a lot of spicy foods are quite good for you.

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Q: Does spicy eating affect while pregnant?
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Can you eat jalapeno peppers while you are pregnant?

eat very nourishing food that can go in smoothly in your mouth without you throwing up

Can eating spicy foods while you have heartburn kill you?

Chances are, eating spicy food while you have heartburn would not kill you. However, heartburn may be a sign of an ulcer, and a sufficiently severe ulcer can actually kill you, because you can bleed to death.

Is it safe to eat spicy foods while pregnant?

Yes, it fine as long as you are comfortable with it. It may cause heartburn.

Is eating chalk bad while you are pregnant?

Yes, it is bad.

When using meth while pregnant does it affect unborn child instantly?

Using met while pregnant is terratogenic to the growing fetus.

What is the down side of eating haggis while pregnant?

Certainly. Answer A pregnant Haggis is no threat to anyone.

Can eating cornstarch while pregnant harm the baby?

It is not harmful but it can contribute to weight gain.

Can eating toilet paper cause harm while pregnant?

i dont no but that is nasty why would you do that

What condition is commonly known as hiccups?

while many cases develop spontaneously, hiccups are known to develop often in specific situations, such as eating too quickly, taking a cold drink while eating a hot meal, eating very hot or spicy food, laughing vigorously or coughing

Can you eat hot sauce while pregnant?

I think pregnant women should limit intake of spicy food as well as eating one thing in abundance. For example a pregnant lady who eats a lot of peanut butter might cause her fetus to develop an allergy to peanuts later in life. Tabasco has a lot of vitamin C due to the chili but it should be consumed in moderation in my opinion but best to speak to your doctor.

Is it safe for you to have your puppy in your stomach while pregnant?

Huh?! No, you should strictly avoid eating puppies.

If you are pregnant while suffering from anorexia will that have an affect on your child when its born?

Yes, be careful. It will not be worth it!