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Q: Does smoking hookah kill brain cells?
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How many brain cells are lost from smoking?

I do not know the exact number, but it is a lot. Please, STOP SMOKING! You are ruing the $#%^ air and killing yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you quit smoking will your brain cells come back?

Marijuana Does not kill brain cells. Google it, it has been proven wrong dozens of times. Quit listening to your health teachers

Does cheese kill brain cells?

no cheese does not kill brain cells

Does smoking kill brain cells?

smoke blunts and get high...hell no it doesnt kill brain cells, i smoke weed all day, everyday and get A's in school. jus make sure to take breaths between tokes! gotta get that fresh o2 No. The study that attempted to spread this false idea that marijuana kills brain cells was horribly botched and part of a smear campaign against hemp. The "experiment" was essentially suffocating monkeys with marijuana smoke (they were hooked up to masks for extremely long periods of time and received no oxygen thusly). Suffocation kills brain cells, THC does not. There is actually some evidence to suggest that marijuana is beneficial to the health of neurons.

How does marijuana effect the parietal lobe of the brain?

This ILLEGAL product will kill a lot of brain cells, so yes it does mess up your brain. But there's a lot of supporting evidence that smoking tobacco or chew is a lot worst then smoking marijuana.

Does ink kill brain cells?

Ink does not directly kill brain cells. However, the metals and toxins in ink can kill brain and other cells and is not good for the body or your health as a whole.

Does alcohol kill brain neutrons?

Alcohol does not kill brain cells.

Can tv kill your brain cells?

No, but it can lead to your brain cells weakening.

Does marijiuna kill your brain cells?

yes marijuana does kill your brain cells it has been scientifically proven.

What are the differences of smoking cigarettes and smoking marijuana?

cigarettes cause cancer and are worse for you to smoke ... while marijuana kills bits of brain cells it is also a non-cancer product CORRECTION: Marijuana has actually been proven NOT to kill brain cells, and has never had a death connected to JUST marijuana. While cigarettes kill tons of people everyday.

Can coffee kill brain cells?

yes it can kill our brain cells but only for kids not high school and under