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Q: Does smoking kill brain cells
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How many brain cells does smoking weed kill?

It doesn't kill brain cells.

Does smoking pot kill brain cells?

No. Smoking pot will not kill your brain cells or any other mental deficiency.

Can smoking weed kill your brain cells?

No. Cannabis doesn't kill brain cells it is a myth.

If smoking weed can kill sperm cells?

No, but smoking weed can kill brain cells. Mostly in the grammar area.

Does smoking hookah kill brain cells?


Does spice smoke kill brain cells?

smoking spice kill more brain cells then alcohol, and it is also found to be addictive.

Does smoking marijuana kill brain cells?

No, smoking weed does not kill brain cells! No cause if it did someone would of died by know do to marijuana damaging the brain yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana

Does smoking cigarettes kill brain cells?

I think they did a study that smoking cigarettes kills or restrices brain cell growth. But smoking weed desn't. Weed actually helps cells grow in the brain as much as 40 percent.

Does cheese kill brain cells?

no cheese does not kill brain cells

Can smoking kill brain cells?

yes Not for weed. If weed did kill brain cells someone would of died by know but yet there is no recorded death atributed to marijuana. Biggest risk of marijuana is getting caught

If you quit smoking will your brain cells come back?

Marijuana Does not kill brain cells. Google it, it has been proven wrong dozens of times. Quit listening to your health teachers

Does smoking weed through a can kill your brain cells faster?

no recent stuidies show that cannabis does not kill brain cell but actually promotes the grow of brain cells this source is comming from a 2005 forbes article the research was done a the university of Vancouver

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