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Nicotine does not contain tar.

The Cigaret smoke Contains both Tar and Nicotine with a whole other bunch of crud you do not want in your lungs.

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Q: Does nicotine contain tar
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Does the tobacco plant contain both nicotine and tar?

yes and also meth

How much nicotine does a Bidi contain?

Bidi cigarettes contain up to 3 times the amount of nicotine, that traditional cigarettes have. Bidi's also have 5 times the amount of tar a regular cigarette has.

How much tar does golden Virginia rolling tobacco contain?

A "thin" Golden Virginia cigarette (using 0.4g of tobacco) rolled to be 5.2mm wide will contain 8mg of tar and 0.7mg of nicotine A "wide" Golden Virginia cigarette (using .75g of tobacco) rolled to be 7.2mm wide will contain 15mg tar and 1.3 mg nicotine *Source - Writing on a 50g packet of Golden Virginia Hand Rolling Tobacco*

Is there tar in nicotine?


What 3 substances are in cigarettes?

nicotine ashes and lung cancer.

What cigarette has the lowest nicotine and tar sold in Louisiana?

Slate is the cigarette that has the lowest nicotine and tar and is sold in Louisiana.

What the substance that produces the flavor of cigarettes is it tar or is it nicotine?

It is nicotine.

How much nicotine is in Kent cigarette?

Kent HD Spectra: tar - 6 mg; nicotine - 0,5 mg Kent Convertibles: tar - 4 mg; nicotine - 0,3 mg Kent HD Futura (Futura 8): tar - 8 mg; nicotine - 0,7 mg Kent HD Neo (Neo 4): tar - 4 mg; nicotine - 0,3 mg Kent HD Infinia (White 1): tar - 1 mg; nicotine - 0,1 mg Kent Nanotek Neo: tar - 4 mg; nicotine - 0,4 mg Kent Nanotek Infina: tar - 1 mg; nicotine - 0,2 mg Kent Nanotek Futura: tar - 7 mg; nicotine - 0,6 mg

How does the nicotine and tar of sidestream smoke compare to that of mainstream smoke?

sidestream smoke contains twice as much tar and nicotine

What is the nicotine and tar content of American Spirit Ultra Lights?

5.9 mg tar, .77 mg nicotine

What is the difference between tar and nicotine?


Does tar get you addicted?

no, the nicotine is what is addictive