Does marijuana give a hangover

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2009-01-03 21:16:28

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it depends on the amount you smoke...but surly it will not be a bad hangover,,,like drinking would. it will leave a tint of leftover highness... :)

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2009-01-03 21:16:28
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Q: Does marijuana give a hangover
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Can you have a hangover from marijuana?

Yes, Symptoms of a marijuana hangover include Eye redness Dry mouth Dehydration Lethargy Decreased alertness, coordination, and depth perception Impaired memory Learning problems

Can marijuana heal you if you are sick?

If you are nauseous. YES. Alcohol hangover? YES.

Which will give you worse hangover vodka or red wine?

Every type of liquor will give you an equally bad hangover if you drink enough of it.

Marijuana hangover can impair job performance for more than a day after smoking. True Or False?


Why does Benadryl give a hangover?

Benadryl causes a hangover from dehydration, just like alcohol. Drink plenty of water before bed and the hangover effect will be drastically reduced

How long does marijuana make you feel weird for?

few hours, at most 2-3... then you have a mild "hangover" but will recover quickly...

Can you give a sentence for hangover?

I was so hungover i couldn't open my eyes

Why does wine give you such a terrible hangover?

A hangover is just a little dehydration caused when you drink too much alcohol, because that much alcohol starts to dehydrate you a little.

Will there be a hangover 4?

no it was just a trilogy in the hangover so there will not be a hangover 4,but who knows? the hangover 4 might be in cinema

What is The Hangover called in France?

Le Hangover.

What is the hangover rated?

the hangover is rated R.

How do you give up marijuana?

well to give it up is as simple as stop smoking/eating it. there is no chemical in marijuana that is addicting to the brain or body

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