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No THC the psychoactive substance in marijuana breaks down with exposure to light air and heat.

the choice components of marijuana actually don't become psycoactive until the water molecules have all evaperated. It has to be completely cured and dried. Although, after some time the psycoactive materials do break down and decay like the rest of the plant would in time, naturaLLY. You can avoid this or at least slow it down anyways by properly storing and preserving your marijuana.

Keep your pot in a dry, cool place. Low humidity. You can store it in a container of some sort but you have to let some air at it every now and then to prevent molding. Happy smoking!!!

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Q: Does marijuana get more potent with age?
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Is marijuana more potent than acid?

Nope. LSD is active at doses ranging in micrograms. Marijuana is not...

What age is sperm more potent at?

Sperm cells become potent around the age of seventeen and eighteen.

Is all salvia more potent than marijuana?

there are not even comparable marijuana is a drug that calms the body and mind where salvia is a hallucinogen

Can the potent of marijuana be measured?

Yes, by the amount of THC.

Why is marijuana potent?

Marijuana has analgesic, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, anticonvulsive, and laxative actions.

What makes marijuana so potent?

The active ingregient is THC.

How potent can marijuana be?

marijuana ranges from mexican dirt which can take several joints to get high to very potent strains such as nothern lights which can produce the desired effects with only a few hits (1-3)

Is there more THC in marijuana than hash oil?

No, hash oil is much, much more potent than marijuana. Good weed has at least a 10% THC content, and the most potent weed on earth has around a 30% THC content. Hashish has about a 20% to 40% THC content, and hash oil has about a 70% THC content.

What age is more likely to be at a party with marijuana?


How does the marijuana of today compare to the marijuana of the 60 70's?

Theres more potent strains. Yes, and no. There were the same potent strains that we have now, the classics, like the Widows and whatnot back then as well. However, there are many more cross breeds today. However, there have also been many famous strains from the 60s that no longer exist today because the lineage of the plants was lost. They can try to be recreated through cross breeding, but they can only come so close. Also, the studies that showed that marijuana of the 60s was less potent that today's strain used degraded marijuana that had not been stored properly. The test has been redone with properly stored strains, and it revealed the truth that there has always been average, low THC marijuana (aka mids, regs, etc.), and there has been the more potent top-of-the-line marijuana (aka headies, denk, etc).

Which is the marijuana plant that gives bud?

The female Marijuana plant contains "bud". A female plant that has not been exposed to pollen (from males most commonly) will devote more of its energy to creating canniboids in the form of a sap-like nectar, which will yield a more potent bud.

How potent is White Russian marijuana?

It is extremely potent if grown right. Over 20% THC. One of the most potent strains out there. Both of White Russian's parents are outstanding, White widow and ak47. You should get some.