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too much of anything is bad for you but if you do it maximum once a day it wont have any major effects on you, yes it is bad, but as long as you don't do it all the time then its fine

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Q: Does marijuana affect your health instantly or how long does it take to affect your health?
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How does marijuana affect the brain of a young person long term or short term?

How does a marijuana affect the brain of the young generation

How does alcohol and marijuana affect memory?

Alcohol is known to affect the memory and have a short term effect for memory, and does have long term effect if abused. Marijuana on the other hand there is lots of controversy on it, and from what i know it does not affect memory at all.

How long before marijuana takes affect after smoked?

approx. 2-10 min

How does marijuana affect Rheumatoid Arthritis?

marijuana Has long been seen as a effective pain killer and sedative so THC should make a sufferer feel better.

How does long term stress affect blood flow?

Long term stress can have a detrimental affect on physical and mental health.

Why is marijuana bad for your brain?

Marijuana is not bad for your brain. Marijuana does not harm your brain in any way, shape or form. Short term memory may be affected only WHILE you are high. Marijuana does not kill brain cells or affect long term memory.

Can you get your braincells back after smoking marijuana for a long period of time?

Technically no, because marijuana does not damage brains in the first place.

How can early detection of gum disease affect your long-term health?

The early detection of gum disease can affect your long-term health. Because if left untreated will cause your teeth to fall out and if you don't have your teeth your long-term health will be affected in a negative way.

Do long time marijuana users get parkinsons disease?

No. Humans have been using marijuana since before the bible was written and so far nobody has died from it or had any health problems linked to it.

Your 80 pound dog ate 2 grams of marijuana How long will it take to get out of his system?

If a dog eats marijuana it will die instantly... but if a dog eats 2 grams of marijuana (putting it as if he smoked it) and weighs 80 pounds (if it were fat) it would probably stay for 12-30 days depending on the fats of the body and the little fat on muscles.

How long will you live if you smoke Marijuana?

Same as you normally would, possibly longer if it ends up treating a health problem you develop.

What are some long term effects of marijuana?

well it depends on the quality of the marijuana and if it is moldy and stinks like cat pee it may be harmful but if it is good quality and dried right than it has no health risk in my opinion