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How does a marijuana affect the brain of the young generation

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Q: How does marijuana affect the brain of a young person long term or short term?
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Why is marijuana bad for your brain?

Marijuana is not bad for your brain. Marijuana does not harm your brain in any way, shape or form. Short term memory may be affected only WHILE you are high. Marijuana does not kill brain cells or affect long term memory.

What brain chemical is released when marijuana is used?

dopamine is the brain chemical that is released when a person uses marjuana. Dopamine creates good feelings-for a short time.

How does alcohol and marijuana affect memory?

Alcohol is known to affect the memory and have a short term effect for memory, and does have long term effect if abused. Marijuana on the other hand there is lots of controversy on it, and from what i know it does not affect memory at all.

Does cannabis affect the memory?

Smoking marijuana affects your short-term memory, yes. Chronic pot-smokers typically have short-term memory problems, although this usually clears up once the person has quit smoking.

What is a short term affect on the brain from smoking meth?

youll be mega hyper for a few days

What stages of sleep affect the short term memory performance?

All stages of sleep affect the short term memory performance. A lack of sleep can make it difficult for your brain to concentrate and if your brain does cannot concentrate it becomes more difficult to remember information.

What does marijuana damage?

Marijuana really isin't as bad as people make it out to be. If it is used in regulation, it can cause short term memory loss and bronchitis. It can sometimes cause brain and memory damage, but only if you smoke a LOT.

What is nick?

it can be a person or a amount of illegal marijuana.

What is there to be afraid of when smoking marijuana?

short term memory loss, causes breathing problems, effects you brain and body system, more tar in marijuana than tobbaco, increased chances in having cancer, and its illegal, and lots more

How long does marijuana have an affect on your brain?

The effects of Cannabis last only for a few hours, depending on the dose.

Does smoking marijuana while studying lessen a student's ability to recall and to concentrate?

Marijuana does affect the short term memory and concentration -- so if you're studying, your concentration and recall will go down. Also ... marijuana is illegal at the moment, and WikiAnswers would never condone illegal behaviour.