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No not at the moment!

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Q: Does jade ramsey have a tattoo?
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Who is older Jade or Nikita Ramsey?

jade ramsey older nickita ramsey younger

What is Jade Ramsey's full name?

Jade Ramsey doesn't have a middle name

Did ramsey have any sisters?

Jade Ramsey has one sister named Nikita Ramsey. They are twins. Jade Ramsey stars on House Of Anubis on Nickelodeon.

Is Jade Ramsey related to Alice Ramsey?

no Alice Ramsey is not british

Does jade ramsey have a real twin?

Jade Ramsey does have a twin they are identical. Nikita and Jade Ramsey the look-a-like twins.

What is the name of jade Ramsey twin sister?

Nikita Ramsey

Is jade ramsey married?

Yes, Jade Ramsey is married to Channing Tatum who she met when she went on holiday to New York.

Did jade ramsey ever star in ned's declassified?

No, Ned's Declassified is American and Jade Ramsey has lived in England her whole life.

Does jade ramsey have a twin?

yes she does

What age is jade Ramsey?


Who is jade ramsey's dad?

dave ramsey i think but im not really sure!

Does jade ramsey have a facebook?

Yes, just put in Google 'Jade Ramsey Facebook' and it should come up! She also has a twitter account.