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jade ramsey older

nickita ramsey younger

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Nikita is older than jade

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Q: Who is older Jade or Nikita Ramsey?
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Is jade ramsey older or younger than nikita ramsey?

Well they're twins but nikita is 20 minutes older than jade.

What is the name of jade Ramsey twin sister?

Nikita Ramsey

Does jade ramsey have a real twin?

Jade Ramsey does have a twin they are identical. Nikita and Jade Ramsey the look-a-like twins.

How old is Nikita Ramsey?

Nikita Ramsey is 29 years old (birthdate February 10, 1988).Nikita Ramsey is the twin sister of actress Jade Ramsey.

Did ramsey have any sisters?

Jade Ramsey has one sister named Nikita Ramsey. They are twins. Jade Ramsey stars on House Of Anubis on Nickelodeon.

What is jade ramsey's sisters name?

Her identical twin sister is called Nikita Ramsey.

What is jade ramsey's favorite animal?

her favorite animal is dogs and so is nikita ramsey i love them

Is Jade Ramsey Jonbenet Ramsey's sister?

No she has a twin sister named Nikita and that's her only sister so no

What is the birth name of Nikita Ramsey?

Nikita Ramsey's birth name is Nikita Lianne Ramsey.

Who are the twins in the movie gamer?

Their names are Nikita and Jade Ramsey. They are actresses born 10 February 1988, England, UK.

What is Jade Ramsey's full name?

Jade Ramsey doesn't have a middle name

What is Nikita's birthday?

German-American wrestler Katarina Waters, aka Nikita, aka Winter, aka Katie Lea, was born November 10, 1980. UK actress Nikita Ramsey and her twin sister Jade were born February 10, 1988.