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not if your a guy

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2009-10-02 21:52:06
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Q: Does it make you gay if your attracted to a woman?
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Related questions

What is a gay woman?

A gay woman is a woman who is attracted to members of the same sex.

Is it gay for two men to make love to one woman at the same time?

No, it is only gay to be attracted to members of the same sex.

How could a woman make a gay man fall in love with her?

She can possibly make him fall in love with her by being his friend, but she will never make him attracted to her.

If a woman penetrates a man does that make him gay?

No, it may mean that the man enjoys the anal stimulation on his prostate. He is gay if he is sexually or romantically attracted to the same sex. If he is having sex with a woman that would suggest that he is not gay.

How do you attract a gay woman if you are a man?

You can't. Gay women by definition are not attracted to males.

How can you tell if your straight or Bi or gay?

If you are attracted only/mainly to men then you are usually gay but if attracted to each men and woman then you are Bi-sexual

Could a gay man be sexually compatible with an extremely Butch woman?

No. A gay man is, by definition, a man who is attracted to other men. A butch woman, no matter how butch, is still a woman.However, If there is a man who seems gay and is attracted to a butch woman, he would be considered bisexual, and a bisexual or straight man could definitely be attracted to a butch woman.

What does it mean if you're attracted to gay guys?

It means you're a gay man or a dysfunctional woman.

Does attraction to a transgender girl mean you are gay?

No. If said person is physiologiacally a male and you are as well, or physiologically a female and you are female, and you are attracted to them, that does not make you gay. You MAY be gay, but that doesn't mean anything. If anything it means that you have an open mind and think its on the inside that counts, and are attracted to the person for what they are on the inside.

Can i be gay if i just dream about woman?

Being gay can only be determined by you. If you are attracted to members of the same sex, you are gay. Dreams have nothing to do with it.

Can a gay fall in love whit a woman?

Yes, He just would not be attracted to her body.

If you check out men does that make you gay?

No. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to those men.

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