Does gum make you gain weight?

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Q: Does gum make you gain weight?
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Can gum make you gain weight?

Yes. It was once believed that chewing gum might help with weight loss, but studies have shown that it actually adds to weight gain.

Do you gain weight from saliva swallowed while chewing gum?

It has some calories but so few that you probably burn more by chewing the gum. Negitive, It will make you gain some weight not much tho.

Does chewing gum cause weight gain?

Gum itself is so low-calorie (around 3-5 calories a piece) that it would require a massive quantity to contribute to any significant weight gain.

How is chewing gum flavored?

Chewing gum is flavoured by artificial flavourings and coloured by artificial colours. That is how you gain weight from chewing it.

Does cherries make you gain weight?

does cherry gain weight

Does collagen make you gain weight?

Yes it's collagen make you gain weight

Air conditioning on can cause weight gain?

no it can make you gain weight!

Do all proteins make you gain weight?

Extra calories make you gain weight not just proteins.

Can evening primrose oil make you gain weight?

can evening primrose oil make you gain weight?

Can Cymbalta make a person gain weight?

Certain kinds of cymbalta pills can make you gain weight

Can an apple make you lose or gain weight?


Does loestrin24fe make you gain weight?

It shouldn't make you gain weight, I believe it is one of few birth controls that wont make you gain weight, but it can cause breast enlargement, so I guess if it does this then yes it could possibly make you gain very very little weight.

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