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If he goes deep enough it should. You don't even have to have sex to pop your cherry. A simple tampon can pop your cherry

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No, not every girl experiences their hymen breaking (sometimes referred to as "popping the cherry") during their first sexual experience. The hymen can be stretched or broken through various activities like exercise or tampon use, and its presence or absence should not be equated with virginity.

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Q: Does every girls cherry pop the first time?
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Can girls pop a girls cherry?

A girl's "cherry is popped" when she has sex with a man for the first time.

Are girls scared when their cherry gets popped?

O.K...First off crazy question, lets not say cherry popped, lets say having intercourse for the first time and see blood....and I don't think you should be scared, I mean it hurts it will be your first time but if you are ready for sex then go for

Can girl pop girl cherry?

A girl's "cherry is popped" when she has sex with a man for the first time.

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What happen with girl at the first time of sex relation?

Some women experience pain their first time and may even bleed.The phrase "pop the cherry" refers to a female having sex for the first time and her hymen (the skin covering the opening to the vagina) breaking and perhaps bleeding.Partners having sex for the first time should take it slow and use plenty of lubrication to reduce friction and pain. As always, use protection.

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What does it mean when a guy had his cherry popped or is it just girls?

Every woman has a blood sack (cherry) in their vagina, when they loose their virginity...their "cherry" has been popped so-to-speak. Meaning she is no longer a virgin, that's why we bleed the fist time ever having sex. ==== The hymen is a fringe of tissue in the vagina that can be torn during intercourse, especially if the act is forced or rough. It is not a "blood sack," nor is it a thin membrane that stretches across the vaginal opening (another common myth). When a woman has sexual intercourse for the first time, the hymen may or may not (usually not) bleed slightly. This type of bleeding is fairly common; therefore the myth of having something that 'breaks' during a woman's first intercourse came about.

Is it possibel to get pregnant if you get your cherry pop for the first time'?

There is no cherry to pop and if you refer to your hymen it can in no way protect you from pregnancy. The risk for pregnancy is just as big whether it's your first or 250th time you have unprotected sex.

If you bleed after sex for the first time does that mean that the cherry has been popped?

well .... I've never had sex before but from what i heard when you first have sex (for the first time) you bleed meaning you lost your virginity so yea that means you popped your cherry

When do girls usually first get there period?

Probably twelve even though i am twelve and haven't had mine. Every girl has it at a different time i guess

How can you pop a girls cherry?

Girls and women do not have "cherries". And you certainly do not want to "pop" anything on her body!Most girls, even if they never had sex, do NOT have an intact hymen. It may be hard still to penetrate, though. Be gentle; use gentle pressure. The vaginal opening will stretch---but do not cause pain.

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