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Every woman has a blood sack (cherry) in their vagina, when they loose their virginity...their "cherry" has been popped so-to-speak. Meaning she is no longer a virgin, that's why we bleed the fist time ever having sex. ==== The hymen is a fringe of tissue in the vagina that can be torn during intercourse, especially if the act is forced or rough. It is not a "blood sack," nor is it a thin membrane that stretches across the vaginal opening (another common myth). When a woman has sexual intercourse for the first time, the hymen may or may not (usually not) bleed slightly. This type of bleeding is fairly common; therefore the myth of having something that 'breaks' during a woman's first intercourse came about.

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The phrase "cherry popped" refers to a person losing their virginity, which can happen for both men and women. It signifies the first time someone engages in sexual intercourse. It is not specific to any gender.

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That expression is used for girls, meaning that they lose their virginity.

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To be the first to make her bleed- virgin

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Q: What does it mean when a guy had his cherry popped or is it just girls?
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