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That expression is used for girls, meaning that they lose their virginity.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy had his cherry popped or is it just girls?
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What does it mean to get your cherry popped?

When you have sex with a guy and his penis breaks through the membrane of the girls anus and it bleeds

When your boyfriend fingers you i you start to bleed does that mean he popped your cherry?


What does it mean if someone ask you have you had your cherry popped?

If you've ever had sex

If you already have your period does that mean your cherry's are popped?

No. The two have no relationship and by the way you only get one "cherry". When it is gone it is gone.

Are girls scared when their cherry gets popped?

O.K...First off crazy question, lets not say cherry popped, lets say having intercourse for the first time and see blood....and I don't think you should be scared, I mean it hurts it will be your first time but if you are ready for sex then go for

If your cherry popped from using a tampon but your still a virgin does that mean your not a virgin?

You are still a virgin. You do not lose virginity until sexual experience. It just means that your hymen is broken.

What does having your cheery popped mean?

It means when someone says something that brings your mood down. I believe you may have meant CHERRY POPPED, which means losing your virginity.

If you bleed after sex for the first time does that mean that the cherry has been popped?

well .... I've never had sex before but from what i heard when you first have sex (for the first time) you bleed meaning you lost your virginity so yea that means you popped your cherry

What does popped your cherry mean?

it means the first time a girl has sex the guy breaks a thin layer of skin in the vagina.. and that is reffered to poppin a cherry...

What does in mean to pop a girls cherry?

To be the first to make her bleed- virgin

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