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Yes to many of them like eating a whole big bag by your self you should share it with a friend.

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Q: Does eating Takis make you get fat?
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Does lying down on your stomach while eating make you fat?

Posture while eating would not make someone fat. It depends more on what you are eating.

Who was the maker of Takis?

takis were made in mexico in 1999

What are the health problems with eating too much fat?

it will make you fat.

What would happen if you fingered yourself after eating takis?


Why does drinking liquid sugar make you gain weight but eating sugar doesn't?

I think that eating sugar does make you fat, because sugar builds on fat molecules, which makes you fat.

Can you get fat eating jolly ranchers?

Eating any type of candy can make you fat, yes. It's called junk food because it has no nutrition - only calories which is why you get fat eating it.

Do takis have lead?

Yes. My friend Katheryn has gotten lead poisoning more than once from eating a full bag of takis

How do you use fat in a sentence?

eating too much fat would make you fat/obesed

Can sleeping make you fat?

Eating unhealthy foods with no exercise makes you fat...

How does a woman growing fat?

Eating too much will make a woman get fat.

Can eating chalk make you fat?

Yes eating a chalk can make u fat and can increase ur body weight

Will canned food make you fat from eating it so much?

ANYTHING you eat in excess can make you fat.