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Yes because he didn't want to sing in every episode and in the first episode he quit not only for singing but Duncan was tired of listening to Courtney and Gwen fighting so he quit, and for all you double lyers out there he does come back in the episode i see London at the end he and Gwen kiss! then tyler pops is head in! i repeat he does come back!!

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Q: Does duncan quit total drama world tour?
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The winner in total drama action?

Duncan, that same guy who returned to TDWT and quit the season after refusing to sing.

Is there a third season of total drama action?

Yes it will be called Total Drama the Musical XD Hope it wont be like High School Musical! LoL Ill quit watching it if that happens.

Who will be the winner of total drama action?

The season ended about a year ago, and Duncan (the same person who quit, got captured in London by Gwen and Courtney, and was forced to make up the songs he missed) already won because people thought he was popular than Beth (Winner in Brazil, Australia, Hungary, and more countries she won in).

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Who is eliminated 6th in total drama world tour?

here is the order of elimination (i will update this on Tuesday august 3rd)i will also but the reason #18 Ezekial-bugging Chris #17 Duncan-quit saying "Duncan's do not sing" #16 Ezekial-lost team Victory's invincibility item sneaking back on the plane and when Duncan quit Chris let him back on) #15 Harlod-made a lame video in Japan making team victory lose for a second time #14 Bridgette-making out with Alejandro and getting her tongue stuck to a pole (team victory) # 13 LeShawna-she beat up heather after knocking her off a dancing stage because Heather was making fun of La Shawna for falling for Alejandro's tricks # 12 TBA

Where did jacque pyles say she quit?

there were internal drama going on and she didn't want to be apart of that.

What is the deal sense Courntey got voted off on total drama island like why did Harold say yes?

because Courtney said a lot of things mean to him/all of them like on the dodgeball contest "you and your snoring face!" and fobia factor, to Tyler: "quit being such a girl!" and to dj: "suck it up!" and then Harold gets voted off by duncan because he made him mad by voting Courtney off (talk about revenge!) :D

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Who is the winner for total drama world tour?

Duncan won Total Drama Action and Heather won Total Drama World Tour. Awww crap that sucks. at leat al. didn't win. I washopping for cody. Are you sure you got this right? her money burned

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