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There is no difference between sperm/semen of white boy and black boy just as there is no difference in their blood.

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Q: Does black boy sperm taste better then white boys?
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What if a Men swollw sprem?

it's ok to swallow sperm. I do it all the time with black guys. it's better to do it with black guys than white guys because black guys are more tasty than white guys. IF YOU ENJOY IT LIKE ME NEVER STOP DOING IT

How can you see if white marks is sperm?

If it wriggles, its sperm. Also, it should taste slightly salty. Hold a ultra violet lamp over the stain and if it glows then it may be sperm.

What color is a Black man's sperm white or light gray?

I've done the research on this and it is white, indistinguishable from the sperm of any other race.

Do black men ever have white babies?

Yes,because sperm cell is not a color black...

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What causes black sperm?

there could be a bleed in the seminal tubes though the sperm of other mammals can range from white to gray

Do black men have thicker sperm than white men?

No, the semen and sperm is the same for all men. What can change it is your diet.

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Of course it does. Caucasian sperm does not have pigmentation. If a white male is with a black female, they will have a black child. If a black male is with a white female, they will have a black child. If the child of mixed race has a child, it will also be black. Therefore, the black sperm is dominate.Another answer:Black sperm is not dominant, and that is a racist notion to say it is. Yes, the genes for dark skin might be dominant in expression, but that doesn't make it any better. As far as the underlying genetics go, there would be an equal amount of both. Unless a biracial person is racist, they will adopt the culture of both parents equally and support both sides equally. Being racist the other way never makes up for past racism.

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