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No, being on an app does not use minutes.
Yes, it does

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Q: Does being on an app use minutes on an iPhone?
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What can you do to find your iPod?

the best way is to use the find my iphone app

What app can you use to lock your apps on your iphone?

There is no way to do that. If you jailbreak your iPhone there is an app on Cydia that does that.

Can you use Android phone app in the IPhone?


How does one use an iPhone 5 compass built-in app?

You use the iPhone 5 compass built-in app to understand your weather and trends in stock markets.

What is a app where parents can track the kids down so the parents now where thereat?

If they have an iPhone, they can just use the "Find my iPhone" app.

How do you get the weather on to iPhone 4S?

app store just download the app or use the default built in app.

What kind of cell phone does Bella Thorne?

Bella Thorne has an iPhone. The proof is on twitter she uses and app on her iPhone to share photos and you can only use that app on an iPhone.

Can you use IM on a iphone on MySpace?

With the Myspace App

Does the app store on the iphone use the internet?

yes .

Is there anyway you can use an iOS4-required app on an OS 3.1.3 iPhone?

There is no way to use an iOS4 required app on an OS 3.1.3 on an iPhone. You must upgrade to iOS4 (which, by the way, is now free) to use an iOS4 required app.

How do you use the app store on iPhone?

i dont use appstore, because there are so many apps i cant crawl thru them ... i use free iphone app which shows me the best free iphone apps and games available on the appstore ;)

What are the prices of apps for the iPhone?

Apps can vary from being free to very expensive depending on the app and what it's use or service it is providing.