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not necessarily, all meals don't have to be balanced for the total diet to be balanced.

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Q: Does balanced meal and balanced diet the same?
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Do dolphins diet?

no. they remain on a balanced meal for their lives (fish)

What should be added to make it a balanced meal?

there are supposed to be three things to make a meal a balanced meal these include carbohydrates proteins and vitamins. you may look for more reference in detail to know what these food substances are and what role they play in making a balanced diet.

Deficiency with Hindu diets?

There isn't anything called a Hindu diet. If you have a balanced meal, you won't be deficient in anything. If by Hindu diet, you are referring toa vegetarian diet; then the answer would be : a person can be absolutely healthy with a balanced vegetarian diet.

Can you eat bread with every meall?

You can eat bread with every meal rather than for every meal. As part of a balanced diet

What does balance mean in health?

A balanced diet, a food from every food group in one meal

What is the biggest part of a meal?

If you are thinking about several courses then the main course but if its about the balanced diet then veg and carbohidrates like bread

What makes up an balanced meal?

There are 7 main food groups which make up a balanced diet: - Water - Fibre dietary - Carbohydrates - Lipids - Proteins - Minerals - Vitamins

It is correct to say balanced diet or balance diet?

Balanced diet

Do all people need the same balanced diet?

No . Some people need a small balanced diet than others because they don't have their sugar that high , but others have a larger diet because of their high sugar . The high sugared persons need a balanced diet but others don't. So all people don't need the same balanced diet. For more information about health visit the website,

Why is it important to have a balance meal?

It is a fundamental question everyone should ask and a good question too. Having a balanced meal is important. A balance meal is imperative in order for the body to function properly. Although some may not agree but a balanced meal may mean different to another person. It all depends on the physical condition of a person, and if a person has ailments or food allergies, his or her balanced meal can be different from another person's diet.

When can you that you are eating a balanced diet?

When you can that you are eating a balanced diet.

What is Balanced meals?

Getting all of the vitamins and nutrients you need. not eating too much or too less of something. starving yourself or binging is the farthest from a balanced meal. if you follow the food pyramid you are going to be pretty close to a balanced meal. but getting a good portion of each food group is what a balanced meal is, because you are balancing how much you eat in each group. Like if you ate only protein and fat like when you go on the Atkins diet, it is not balanced because you are not taking in enough carbs but are taking in too much fat. balanced meal also means not eating too much sweets and sodium, or whatever is bad for the body. A balanced meal is one which contains a healthy variety of foods, giving you a number of different nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, possibly fiber, possibly omega-3 fatty acids.