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Yes, iTunes store. It comes with the iPod.

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Q: Does an ipod touch have a music store to download music?
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How do you download music on to your ipod touch?

Go to the app store and type in music and get music.

How do you get music onto your ipod touch?

you can buy the music on itunes or you can download a app on the app store that lets you download free music.

How do you download music games videos etc on your ipod touch?

iTunes online store

Can you download music on a Ipod touch?

Yes you can, just make an account on the itunes store

How can you download apps on your iPod touch?

There is an App Store app on the iPod Touch that is used to download apps.

IPod Touch download music?


Is the app store on your iPod touch the same as the itunes store?

Yes, but the iTunes store on your Mac/PC can download movies and music as well

How do you download music to apple ipod touch?

Here is the totorial How do you download music into your i-pod touch?

Is there a way of addin songs from the Internet to your iPod touch using the iPod touch?

yeah, jailbreak or on of the 'download' apps from the app store- you can download from music sites then lisssten to the songs, but can't put them into your library

Can you download songs on your iPod?

Yes, you can download songs on your iPod Touch. You will use iTunes to download the music.

Can you download Halo 3 on your iPod?

Yes, you can download games, music and, shows on your iPod Touch.

Is there an ipod touch without the app store?

Well no because the whole point of the ipod touch is to download apps that can communicate with friends, play games, dowload music and so on