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Neither marijuana nor alcohol kills brain cells. Unless you deprive yourself of oxygen. That's when you start to lose brain cells. You would hae to smoke 15-- joints in 20 minutes in order to kill brain cells. Here's a very intersting video. Got me to start smoking weed:P

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Q: Does alcohol kill more brain cells than marijuana?
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What does marijuana do to the brain over time?

It destroys the brain cells and can kill you faster then other drugs if taken early in life

How many years of drinking does it take to damage your brain?

you can kill some brain cells with each and every drink you take brain damage can occur after just weeks of heavy drinking.

Which part of the brain is impacted by alcohol?

Which part of the brain is impacted by alcohol?Cerebellum-is part of the brain that controls fine movement & balance allowing you to write,walk and ride a bike.When alcohol affects the cerebellum it can result in an inability to stand up or walk in a straight line.Body movements become harder to control so you may stumble or fall over.Frontal lobe is part of the brain that controls your judgment and behavior as alcohol affects this part of your brain,you begin to lose control over your emotion.This can lead to strange behavior- you may start crying,hug all your friends or even get into a fight.Medulla-controls breathing,heartbeat and other important functions.Drinking large amount will slow that functions,which could put you into a coma or even lead to death.Hippocampus- is part of forebrain that help us remember things.Alcohol affects the performance of the hyppocampus.If you drink a lot,your short term memory will not become long-term memories and you may experience "black outs".Pituitary glands -it produces many important hormones.Alcohol interferes with the glands production of growth hormone.If you do not produce enough growth hormone it can result in stunted growth.Neurons (also called brain cells)-Alcohol is a depressant.It slows the communication between nerve cells.Alcohol enters the nerve cells and changes the way they response to the chemicals in your brain.The end result is a change in your normal behavior.In large doses,alcohol is neurotoxin- it can actually kill brain cells.Blood vessels- alcohol can make the blood vessels in your brain swell up.The increased pressures in the vessels lead to headaches.

What is alcoholic poisoning?

Alcohol is a poison. It has pleasant effects at low levels, but at high levels it will kill you. An inexperienced drinker can die from drinking a fifth of liquor in a short time.

Can inhaling rubbing alcohol make you high?

Not very. It can make you a bit stupid, give you a nasty headache and -- under some circumstances -- kill you.

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