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you can kill some brain cells with each and every drink you take brain damage can occur after just weeks of heavy drinking.

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Q: How many years of drinking does it take to damage your brain?
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How many years of drinking will it take to cause liver damage?

It takes years (typically decades) of heavy abusive drinking to cause any damage to the liver.

Can your liver be damaged by drinking?

Excessive drinking for a period of many years can cause liver damage.

How does people die from drinking?

With the addiction, too many kills brain cells over time, leading to suicidal/homicidal stupidity or brain damage.

Why do you get headaches after you stop drinking alcohol after many years?

Because your brain get start to get normal again!

Do you have brain damage in an epilepsy?

There are many cause of epilepsy. If there is damage to the brain, it can cause epilepsy. However, not everyone that has epilepsy has brain damage and equally, not everyone that has brain damage has epilepsy.

Alcohol dameges to the liver?

It takes many years of heavy drinking to be a cause of liver damage. On the other hand, drinking in moderation benefits the liver.

What are the effects on the human body from drinking alcohol?

There are many different things that can happen to a human body when alcohol is consumed. Damage to the liver, damage to the brain, vomiting, and passing out are all effects of alcohol.

What percentage of bull riders have brain damage?

I would think that many bull riders have brain damage about 80%

How many people die from brain damage each year?

brain damage is rare people hardly die from brain damage but damage of the nerves well you might become retarded like mohamed ali

What is a person who has brain damage called?

It really all depends on what the brain damage was. Someone might have had a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, a tumor, bleeding in the brain, or many different things.

When aluminum dissolves in sour food it damages memorey cells in brain permanatly.true or false?

We are exposed to toxic aluminum through many sources, from canned goods to deodorant to drinking water. Aluminum has been suspected to cause damage of the brain tissues, and many people with Alzheimer's have elevated aluminum levels. So it is true, aluminum can cause permanent damage to brain cells.

How many brain cells are killed by watching TV?

The act of watching TV doesn't damage your brain, but the bright light does damage your eyes.

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