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If a boy just hugs a girl tightly, no. She will not be pregnant.

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Q: Does a girl get pregnant if a boy hugs her tightly?
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Can pregnancy happen when a boy hugs a girl when she is period?

No. Not possible.

If a boy touches his penis and hugs a girl by touching the waist will that cause pregnancy?

No, the only way for a woman to get pregnant is for semen to enter the vagina, unless you ejaculate on your hand and put in in her vagina, she will not get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if the boy doesnt pull out?

Yes.A girl can even get pregnant if the boy does pull out.

If girl and boy has interaction between them and girl is virgin than girl can be pregnant?

if she is a virgin then no but she can get pregnant

How do you you no your pregnant with a boy or a girl?

The ultrasound

Boy 16 yrs get 15yr girl pregnant what obligation does the boy mother have with pregnant girl?

noting if the girl and mom do not like each other!

If a boy kisses a girl on her lips the girl can become pregnant?

yes she can but if you dont have sex the girl will not be pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant when a boy kisses and touches the breast and nipples of girl?

No, a girl cannot get pregnant by doing that.

How do you get Pregnant with Baby Boy?

The male carries the gene for a boy or girl baby, not the girl

What does it mean when a boy wants hugs?

If it's a teenage boy who wants hugs from a close girl or boy friend, it just means he enjoys hugs. He likes the physical touch of someone hugging him. If it's a younger boy it might mean that he got lots of hugs when he was young, and now he misses them and wants some more. Or it could be that he didn't get enough when he was young, and he misses that physical affection. Either way hugs are easy to give and they can mean a lot to the person getting hugs. So (ask first and) hug someone today!

Does the boy have to marry the girl if the girl is pregnant but it is the girl who force the boy to have sex?

absolutely not, however, it is almost impossible for a girl to force a boy to have sex.

Can a girl be pregnant without a boy involved?


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