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yes she can but if you dont have sex the girl will not be pregnant.

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Q: If a boy kisses a girl on her lips the girl can become pregnant?
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Can a girl get pregnant if another girl kisses on her lips?

The answer is no she cant.

Can a girl be pregnant if boys kisses on her lips and neck?


Can a girl become pregnant when a guy kiss to her lips and hug her?

of course no

Can a girl get pregnant if she kisses the penis then kisses the boy?

i would think no because the male's sperm needs to be injected to the egg cell in the female and since the egg cell is in the vagina, the male has to extend his penis into the vagina for the female to get pregnant(If u find another way to have sex then post it)

What should You do if a girl kisses you on the lips?

Kiss her back you fool

Your girl friend kisses you in the lips what that means?

that means she likes you. . . .? . . .

If a 19 year old guy kisses a 19 year old girl on the headneck and lips will it cause pregnancy to the girl is it yes or no?

NO ! They need to have intercourse for pregnancy to be possible. Kissing has never got a girl pregnant.

What if a girl kisses you 4 times one on the lips three on the cheek does she like me?


Can girl can get pregnant when both are wearing jeans and they sleep on the bed and did only kiss on her lips?

no, you need sexual contact to become pregnant, yo u cannot get pregnant from kissing someone

If a boy kisses a girl's lips deep will that girl get wet?

It depends on girl to girl but 99% of the girls wont be wet if a guy will just kiss 'em

When a guy kisses you on your private can you get pregnant?

No you cannot get pregnant if a guy kisses you on your privates, sperm has to be the factor and guys do not have sperm on their lips on in their mouth, their own privates have sperm so tell the guy to keep his privates well away from your privates.

Will i become pregnant if i kiss my boyfriend on his lips french kiss?

Definitely not.