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no i would say not. i was on the camila pill, a pill with only progesterone in it, and i got the same thing. i was on the pill for about seven months and that happened starting after about a month. my doctor said that might happen due to hormonal changes in my body/ More input from FAQ Farmers: * Nah... I wouldn't worry about it. I was on the pill for about 10 years and would occasionally have this. My doctor said it was just old blood. If you are really worried about it, see your OBGYN! * Not necessarily. I just went through it. It is common if you have just started taking the pill. You can potentially have brown blood for three months while your body adjusts. Or if you have missed a couple if pills you can have "break through" bleeding that will occur prior to your actual period. Give a quick call to your doc and they will explain it. I have recentlty learned that its quite common.

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Q: Does a brown blood period while on the pill indicate pregnancy?
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Is brown discharge after a period a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is just old blood

If when you started your period five days ago it was brown with brown clots and has been this way during the whole period is it normal?

Brown blood is usually old blood but if it was light then rule out pregnancy.

I was suppose to get your period on June 202008 no period July 92008 brown light pink blood?

Take a pregnancy test

Missed period brownish blood?

go see a doctor if your worried if you had a spot of brown blood then that's a sign of pregnancy if it were a light flow that's a period

Are you pregnant if you have been spotting brown?

You need a pregnancy test to know if you are pregnant. Spotting brown is simply old blood and not a determining factor of pregnancy. Answer: It could just be your period

What is light Brown spotting only when wiping?

Hi, Your question is: What is light brown spotting only when wiping? Brown spotting is old blood and can indicate several things: * UTI * Vaginal infection * Left over blood from your period * Pregnancy * Withdrawal bleed from birth control * Spotting due to morning after pill

What does it mean if you have a brown mucus discharge after you wipe when pregnant?

This may indicate that you have a water infection. During early pregnancy, first trimester, this can be left over blood from your last period,but it will still need investigating by your Doctor.

What is browning mean?

Brown discharge is usually discharged tinged with old blood. It can occur prior to or just after your period, and it can also indicate a yeast infection or a urinary tract infection. Another possibility is ovulation or pregnancy.

What does brown blood in your menstrual cycle mean?

Brown blood is old blood. Sometimes menstrual blood can pool when you sit or lie down then when you stand up it will flow but will be a brown color. If you have brown spotty blood or a very light period and have had unprotected intercourse, you may want to take a pregnancy test. Sometimes implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a period.

Can brown discharge be an early symptom of pregnancy?

Brown discharge can indicate pregnancy, but it can also mean that you have a water infection. See your Doctor.

Brown red blood before period?

Brown red blood 2weeks before period

If you missed a period and had sex and 3 days later start bleeding brown blood what could that mean?

These are signs of pregnancy.

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