Does Tube Replay actually give a YouTube video more views?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Does Tube Replay actually give a YouTube video more views?
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What is the record views on Youtube?

Getting views on YouTube is difficult especially when you're a beginner. But you can’t get views for free. There are four ways that you can do that: YouTube Partnership, YouTubers Subscribers, YouTubers Comments, YouTube views from the most popular YouTube page. The first two ways need money to buy views, but you don't know how long it will last and how many views you will get. The third way is about getting attention from other YouTubers to your videos, but before you buy YouTube views, make sure you prepare: good description, good title, good content, and so on. The last way is a bit easier, you just need to write a comment on a video that has many views, then someone will answer your comment, and those will be more views to your video.

Do you keep the views of YouTube videos that you delete?

if you delete a YouTube video, you WILL get to keep the views you gained from it. However, that video will no longer be on the internet unless someone else uploads it.

What song has the most views on YouTube?

I think that views and likes on social networks are no longer an indicator, because they can be tweaked by anyone. There are a lot of scoring services out there now. For example, I know the site Lowcostsmm. here you can also buy views on YouTube. You can find the site on Google or Bing, if relevant))

Do youtube views count if the user watcher is not logged in?

Yes, the views will be count if the user is not even logged in the YouTube account. Because of this reason only many YouTube videos get so many views but for comment and likes you've to sign in to get the authority to do so.

What is the largest number of views on YouTube?

For a video to be viewed a million times on YouTube, it should be featured on the home page of YouTube. YouTube features viral videos on its home page to encourage more people to watch the video. On an average, the home page gets about a million page views per day. It means that if a video is featured on the home page of YouTube and becomes viral, it can easily get a million views in a matter of days. There are some videos which have millions of views already. Most of these videos are or were featured on the home page. But, Frozen, with 2.20 billion views, is the only video to have a billion views on youtube

What Katy Perrys YouTube Video has the most views?

Firework is most

Do you have to pay for youtube videos?

no! if you are a partner then you get paid for how many views you get on your video!

Do YouTube pay smosh?

Yes, Smosh receives payments from YouTube depending on its performance in terms of video views. The more views received, the more they will be paid.

Does Kevin Wu get paid by YouTube?

Yes, Kevin Wu is paid by YouTube by obtaining video views from the videos he has posted. Kevin Wu posts his videos under the YouTube name of kevjumba, and has since the posting of his first video, achieved and passed over 300 million video views.

What is the most watched Demi Lovato video on youtube?

The most popular Demi Lovato video on YouTube is "Let it Go". There are over 450 million views on the video as of 2016.

What is the song that got the most views on youtube?

Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on YouTube with 1.51 billion views. However most of the views are mostly bot generated views and not real views. The real view count of Gangnam Style is 1.06 billion views.

Will my youtube views be stuck forever?

Try They will help your video get unfrozen.