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Yes, it does.

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Q: Does Tramadol HCl cause sleepiness
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What does the hlc stand for after tramadol?

The HCL in Tramadol HCL stands for hydrochloride. Tramadol is sold as Tramadol and Tramadol HCL

Is sulfur in tramadol hcl?

does tramadol hcl have sulfur in it

Can you inject tramadol hcl?

Tramadol is a type of painkiller. It is prescribed more often in pill form, so unless a person is in the hospital, it cannot be injected.

Can 75mg tramadol hcl cause diareah?

Any strength of the pain medication called Tramadol can cause diarrhea. Some other common side effects of this medication are nausea and also vomiting.

What is the difference between Tramadol and Tramadol HCI?

You can find HCl suffix after many medicine contents. The difference is Tramadol HCl has a better bio availability than Tramadol, that means more portion of the medicine may be absorbed through the intestine. EXPLANATION: The stomach has an acidic environment. Tramadol HCl is a weak acid, so it will less ionize in acidic environment and only unionized molecules are absorbed through the gut. So Tramadol HCl is better at being absorbed through the gut than Tramadol.

Is tramadol hcl addictive?

Not to me, i have taken for a couple of years

Does Tramadol HCL contains cocaine?

Pure tramadol HCl does not contain contain cocaine, as tramadol and cocaine are two different substances. However, it is possible that something sold on the street might contain a mixture of these two chemicals.

Why do they give you Tramadol HCL 50mg what is it used for?

Tramadol HCL is a mild pain blocker that cuts the pain signal in the brain. It is used to releaive mild to moderate pain.

Is 50mg of tramadol the same as 50mg of tramadol hcl?

Tramadol: the whole pill works within an hour. Tramadol HCL: extended release and will work all day long. You can just chew the Tramadol pill and it will get the same effect, i always chew all my eight or ten 200mg tramadol pills

Is human tramadol hcl the same as your dogs tramadol?

Yes, it's the same but have a different dosage for people and dogs.

Does alzhiemers cause sleepiness and loss of appetite?

Alzheimer's can cause sleepiness and loss of appetite.

Can tramadol cause sundowning?

can tramadol cause sundowner's syndrome