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No! I mean he is not gay to have a boyfriend. He can have a girlfriend but not a boyfriend.

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Q: Does Leo howard have a boyfriend?
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Who is Leo howards boyfriend?

Leo Howard is not gay he is happily married to Julianne Hough

Who is Olivia Holts boyfriend?

Olivia Holt doesn't have a boyfriend, but if you watched the show Kickin' It, you would know that leo howard is predicted to be her boyfriend in reality and in the show. If you dont know who leo howard is, search him up. He's SO HOT! And he's best friends with Olivia.

What is Leo howards real name?

Leo Howard's real name is Leo Howard. But his middle name is Ryan. I think you were asking what is Leo Little's real name. But Leo Howard's real name is Leo Howard.

What is Leo Howard's full name?

It's actually Richard. Leo Richard Howard

Was Leo howard homeschooled?

Yes Leo Howard is homeschooled

What nicknames does Leo Howard go by?

Leo Howard goes by Hazard.

Where was Leo howard born?

Leo Howard was born in Newport Beach, California.

How much does Leo howard weight?

Leo Howard weighs 120 pounds

Is Leo Howard in sixth grade?

Leo howard is in the 9th grade now.

When was Leo Howard born?

Leo Howard was born on July 13, 1997.

What is Leo Howard's birthday?

Leo Howard was born on July 13, 1997.

Is bob howard Leo howard's dad?

No, Todd Howard, the host of Spike's Worlds Worst Tenants, is Leo Howard's dad.