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Leo howard you strange person

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Q: Who do you think is hot Leo Howard or Bradley Steven Perry?
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Has Bradley Steven perry hit puperty?

I think he did. Yes he did!

What is bradley steven perry's favorite song?

i think its cooler than me

Would Bradley steven perry kiss a fan?

I think so

Is steve perry the father of bradley steven perry?

No, they're not related. Katy Perry's real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, so her last name isn't even Perry.

What grade is Bradley Steven Perry going into this year?

I think 8th because he is 13

Does bradley steven perry like Pokemon?

-_- we're in the 21st century wat do u think

Is Bradley Steven Perry funny?

He is very funny! he is hilarious and naughty i think a bit showy

Can Bradley Steven Perry dance?

It depends if you think he can dance. Every1 might have a different opinion on his dancing.

What shoe size does Bradley Steven Perry wear?

Joe Perry is the lead guitarist for the band Aerosmith. Perry was born Anthony Joseph Perry on September 10, 1950 in the state of Massachusetts. According to his biography, Perry wears a size 10 men's shoe.

Do you have a crush on Bradley Steven Perry?

He is cute. So totally what ever u think i think he is nice and cute even a good actor!

Why does bradley steven perry hate when people ask him if he has a girlfriend?

i think because he sees a lot of couples around him and he doesnt have a relationship

Is dongbreath really Bradley steven perry's real last name?

I'm not sure. I think it is, I mean I know some actors fake their last name but I'm pretty sure bradley's real last name is perry.