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She's addicted

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โˆ™ 2011-03-15 01:15:18
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Q: Does Kristi Capel enjoy smoking cigarettes?
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What effect does cigarette smoking have on oxygen delivery?

Switch to electronic cigarettes today to enjoy healthy life.

Why were the new flavored cigarettes made?

Because people did not enjoy the flavour of Cigarettes, however they became nicotine dependent, therefore flavoured cigarettes were made.

What are the effect of cigRETTE?

If you use cigarettes, you are technically smoking! In my opinion, I HATE smoking but the effects vary. Lots of people enjoy smoking as it makes them feel better if depressed, like the smell, are bored and have nothing to do or they like to try and kill others with the smoke! But as you should know....smoking can kill! If you smoke too much, you can die and if anyone are gassed by the air turning to smoke, THEY can die!

How can smoking tobacco affect your health?

Despite health issues with cigarettes and cigars, cigarettes contains only 5% of natural tobacco, the rest of them are artificial substances added. Premium cigars are made 100% with natural tobacco, nothing added except all the work behind them. Smoking cigarettes is usually linked to nervous and anxiety, but smoking a cigar should be a relaxing experience. People who are walking on the streets smoking a premium cigar are really amateurs and they do not know for sure how to properly "enjoy" a cigar. Cigars are usually smoked along with a nice beverage, such a good whiskey, cognac, brandy, Ron or a good coffee or even a cup of tea.

Are black and milds more addicting then cigarettes?

black and milds are just as addicting as cigarettes. but you don't get addicted to cigarettes by smoking a pack every 3 weeks, or even two. you get addicted by smoking several or more cigarettes a day for a long period of time. with that being said, most people who smoke cigarillos such as black and milds or swisher sweets don't smoke them everyday, but rather smoke them on occasion, like several times a week. and that really isn't enough to let your body become dependent on nicotine. so don't fret and enjoy a black and mild!

What percent of people enjoy smoking?

20% of the world

What is the main reason for people to start smoking?

Because they enjoy it.

In a year how much tar does a person drink by smoking cigarettes?

Drinking tar has become an epidemic among young smokers aged 14-22 as of late. In the past decade alone, rates have risen nearly 80%. Little do these young smokers know, but they can enjoy their cigarettes just as much and with much less overall tar consumption by simply drinking other beverages while smoking and leaving the tar drinking to the professionals. Although the amounts are difficult to accurately gauge, it has been estimated that young smokers drink upwards of 10 gallons per year of tar. Most of this is assumed to be consumed while smoking since the two go hand in hand like coffee and cigarettes or beer and cigarettes.

Is smoking fun?

There are two answers to this question. Yes, if you want to get cancer and crush your future also shorten your life. The other answer would be No, if you want a good education and a better life. On the contrary, there are many who are informed and educated who still enjoy cigarettes and tobacco products.

Do smokers enjoy smoking?

Yes! But they don't like dieing from cancer and lung problems and all the other things smoking causes

Can you bring cigarettes into Aruba?

Yes, travelers may bring cigarettes into Aruba.Specifically, according to Enjoy Aruba's website, travelers are allowed to bring up to 200 cigarettes into Aruba. However, the traveler must be 18 years or older.

What kinds of activities do Caribbean people enjoy?

reggae having dreads and smoking pot

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