Is smoking fun

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are two answers to this question. Yes, if you want to get cancer and crush your future also shorten your life. The other answer would be No, if you want a good education and a better life.

On the contrary, there are many who are informed and educated who still enjoy cigarettes and tobacco products.

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Q: Is smoking fun
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Why do beople start smoking?

it is fun

What does the nervous system do for fun?

get high by smoking mass doses of dog food

Why do people not want people who smoke at parties?

Because when u get a habit of smoking u start to have fun and forget smoking but sumtimes u smoke lol

What does lil wanye like to do for fun?

rapping, freestylin, smoking pot, and bending over the ladies.

Is smoking veggie straws bad?

It is safe and a fun way to spend time with family and friends

Can anything replace the feeling of smoking weed?

Unfortunately Cannibus has inherent natural qualities that can be re-created in the lab (liquid THC), but smoking it is so much more fun!

Does smoking pot make you laugh?

Yes and it is fun so enjoy it while the hilariousness lasts. ;) No, smoking pot is bad for you and it kills 7 minutes of your life each time you use it! I learned this in Health class.

Why isn't smoking cigarettes illegal. smoking should be illegal because it can hurt people around you.?

I agree! My uncle smokes an his room is also the computer's hard have fun on the computer when it stinks so bad....:(

Has any of the Jonas brothers smoked and if not do they plan on smoking?

No, Jonas Brothers are people who are responsible, they have fun, but not too much. The boys all know their limits, they said that smoking is not on and never plan to smoke.

What should you do if your wife still smokes pot even though you disapprove of it?

Any successful marriage is based on compromise. It does not necessarily follow that because you disapprove, your wife must stop smoking. However, pot is relatively expensive. If she is smoking just for fun, you should both consider the other kinds of fun that can be purchased with the same amount of money. If she is smoking pot as a nausea medication, however, you would probably have to respect her medical needs.

What are some cons about smoking?

Messing up your lungs, throat cancer (leads to a hole in your throat, fun huh?), all I can think of at the moment.

Why do people uses marijuana?

It relieves pain, it's very relaxing, helps get your mind off things, may be a downer, but helps you be up. It's fun, and when smoking it, it helps you bond with whomever your smoking with. It helps you not think, and yet, you think alot, and about very deep things while smoking. It's the safest drug out there, with no pressure to do heavier things (depending on who you hang out with).