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Taking ecstasy can make one see things that are not really there in reality. Some people who have taken ecstasy claim to have seen angels and demons standing in front of them. Some say that ecstasy just makes them sensitive to certain lighting. However, ecstasy's effects on people vary greatly. Some do not feel ecstasy, while some feel it greatly.

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Q: Do you see stuff when you are on ecstasy?
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ecstasy in its pure form is white. so you have a better chance of having "good stuff". But be warned people can now dye their stuff to hide what they cut it with.

How does being on ecstasy hurt your family?

it is an illegal drug. it is a hallucinogen. it makes you see stuff that's not really there. the main thing it is a DRUG. any kind of drug hurts(IMPACTS) your family and everyone around you.

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Yes if it is the real stuff, the majority of what goes around now is a totally different chemical compound.

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when you misuse ecstasy.

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