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Yes if it is the real stuff, the majority of what goes around now is a totally different chemical compound.

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Q: Do you normally throw up after taking ecstasy?
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Will you throw up on ecstasy?

if you od, yes.

How do you get sober fast after taking ecstasy?

I'm not completely sure if this works but a friend told me: Drink Milk

What will make ecstasy show up in drag test?

taking ecstasy

Can you throw a baseball faster if you were to wined up your hand or throw it normally both throwing in the overhand position?

i once thought that winding up made me throw harder then someone had a radar gun and there was no difference when i throw normally

Will you throw up if you ate fried chicken?

Not normally.

Could taking extascy cause you to test poitive for methadone?

I do not think it is possible to test positive for methadone after taking ecstasy. Methadone is a synthetic opiate and ecstasy is a stimulant and hallucinogen. Even when testing for regular opiates methadone will not show up since its synthetic, methadone will show up on a urine as methadone only if they are testing specifically for methadone. There is no way ecstasy will show up as methadone on a urine test, ecstasy does not contain methadone.

How long is ecstasy in urine for?

3-5 days its not the MDMA that's going to show up its whatever its cut with cocaine, meth,etc.

Should someone throw up after taking to many pills?


What do you do if you throw up 1 hour after taking pain medication?

Go to the Dr.

What does it mean when you throw up blood after taking hydrocodone?

it means see a doctor.

Why would you throw up after taking a birth control shot?

Food poisoning, Norovirus, increased intracranial pressure, seeing something repulsive - there are a million reasons why you might throw up after taking the birth control shot.

What if you throw up five minutes after taking the birth control pill?

If you throw up that quickly after taking the birth control pill, it won't be absorbed and won't be effective.No it would need to be taken again if you threw up right after taking it. The good news is you are not likely to get pregnant from missing one pill.