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no and it would probably be a bad idea as it is likely to move around. Vinyl is cushioned anyway so there would be no point. Underlay is put under carpet to stop the carpet being crushed. Vinyl will restore after being walked on.


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Underlayment is used on vinyl when installed over a wood substrate. Vinyl will take the shape of the floor below requiring a smooth surface for installation. Without this board, often a floor will telegraph the imperfections below. Additionally the underlayment should have the nail holes and seams between boards patched with a wood filler.

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Q: Do you need underlay to fit a vinyl floor?
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What is the cost of Laminate floor vs wood floor?

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How does one install sheet vinyl flooring?

To install sheet vinyl flooring one needs to first remove all current flooring and the doors. Install the underlay material, cut the sheet vinyl to fit the shape of one's room, cover the underlay in adhesive and press the vinyl into place.

Do you need wire in concrete floor?

It's definitely a lot stronger if you do fit it.

Can I trim shutters to fit?

If the shutters are made of wood you can trim them to fit, you can' trim vinyl shutters.

How To Pick a Vinyl Repair Method?

Vinyl upholstery can be difficult to maintain. A little rip or tear can soon turn into an obvious, ugly hole. However, with some careful work, vinyl upholstery can be repaired to a usable quality. For a vinyl fix, a repair patch kit, replacement, or professional assistance can used.A repair patch kit for vinyl upholstery typically consists of an adhesive, an applicator, and occasionally a patch piece of vinyl. For most tears, vinyl may need to be purchased separately in order to match the color of the upholstery. The hole will need to be cut to an even size for the best fit. After locating a patch piece and applying adhesive, the vinyl will need to be sheltered from the elements for twenty-four hours or more. This will keep the weather from breaking the bonds of the adhesive. The vinyl should be left in place and not disturbed or stretched.Complete replacement of vinyl upholstery is possible, but may be difficult for most do-it-yourself types. The vinyl covering will need to be unfastened from its anchors. On boats, this may be easier than in a car or truck. A replacement vinyl upholstery will need to be ordered to match the original seat. The vinyl will need to be reapplied and fastened properly for an appropriate fit. Finding vinyl that matches the original upholstery can be difficult.A professional upholsterer can often fix any sort of rips or tears in vinyl upholstery for a cost. Often, they are able to provide the best matches and repair quality to the original vinyl. However, their expertise comes at a high price. For rare and important vehicles, a professional will provide the best possible repair. They may be able to conceal the repair, something most patch kits will not be able to do.Depending on the size of the hole, and the value of the vehicle and seating, different options may be best. Choose a method commensurate with the value of the vehicle. For a show-quality vehicle, a professional should be consulted for the best fit. Vinyl can be maintained for a lengthy amount of time, but will eventually need replacement.

How to fit a vinyl floor in a bongo?

The Bongo is a particular brand of van well-known for its size and use in rugged travelling. Flooring fitting is best done professionally, though general expertise in carpeting techniques can help.

What do you need to know before moving an above-ground vinyl liner pool from one location to another?

Hum, will the liner fit? Is it brittle? How old is it? has it shrunk? k

How to Do Your Own Vinyl Repair With Rips?

Have you found a rip or burn mark in a vinyl object that is just too noticeable to ignore? Instead of dreading the charges that would ensue after getting it professionally fixed, consider doing the vinyl repair yourself. It can be done quickly and easily, and you get to save on an expensive repair from a professional vinyl repair company. The first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a few things such as a vinyl patch, vinyl adhesive, and vinyl color so that the patch blends seamlessly in with your vinyl color. Instead of buying these things before closely examining the hole, make sure to study how big the rip or hole is to decide how big of a patch you will need. If the rip has an odd shape, use a knife or pair of scissors to even the shape out so your patch will fit into it easier. Your next step is to find a piece of vinyl that will satisfy the size of the hole and fit perfectly into it. It’s okay if you can’t get the exact size, but it really has to be similar. Once you’ve got the vinyl piece in the hole, you’ll need to cut the patch out to the same size and fit it directly over the vinyl piece and inside of the hole as well. You can make the vinyl patch smooth so that it evenly spreads out. Next, you’ll want to lift up the damaged vinyl part and keep it held up so that it’s above the surface. You’ll need to use your adhesive now to attach the patch to the original vinyl so that it securely stays in place. Once they have been attached together, it’s time to leave them there together for a very long period of time (a day or two). Just remember that if you keep the patch and original vinyl stuck together for a long time, the vinyl repair will be stronger and stronger. Be sure to keep the area out of heat or light to avoid disruption of the adhesive’s effectiveness.

What size tablecloth do you need for a 6ft rect. table to the floor?

If the table height is 29 inches standard then 90 x 132 inches is perfect fit which gives the drop up to the floor.

Can vinyl shutters fit in any window frame?

Yes, vinyl shutters can fit in any window frame. They can be custom cut. You first have to measure the window and take down the measurements. Then you can either bring the measurements to a store, like Home Depot and purchase blinds, or order the vinyl blinds online. You just have to enter the measurements when you place the order.

Where can I find deck floor plans?

Yes most home improvement stores offer deck floor plans. They will work with you to make sure you have the right fit you will need according to finish, look and avaliablity.

What is included in a vinyl repair kit?

Vinyl repair kits generally include a patch and adhesive. You may be able to cut the patch to fit. Be sure to match the repair kit to the color you are repairing.

Square centimeters would be suitable for measuring?

It is suitable for measuring an area, that's not so big. You can use it if you have like 10 plates for your floor, which are 10x15 cm, and you need to count out how many of these are needed to fit your floor's size.