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obviously..... yes

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Q: Do you need to pass the task test 6th grade to go to 7th grade?
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What grade on the state test do you need to pass?

65% which is a d

What happens if you do not pass the TAKS test?

You will get another chance depends of the test if you are in 8th grade, you will get another chance and if you fail a scond time, you get held back. you also need to pass it in 11 grade (i think) to pass high school

Do you have to pass the eighth grade writing test to get a drivers license in Oklahoma?

Yes you must pass the 8th grade writing test to get your drivers license. You have to pass your 8th grade reading test to get your permit when your 15 1/2

Why do kids have to take the ELA test?

Because the ELA test help,and they need to take it because the ELA TEST need to take it for pass the grade.

What can you do to pass to 8th grade?

well i think u take a test to see if u can pass a grade

Do you have to pass the star test for 7th grade?

yes you have to pass the STAAR

How do you pass the second grade test the second graders take in china?

You pass the second grade test the second graders take in China by learning all the material on the fourth grade test in The United States.

How do you show your teachers you need to skip a grade?

tell him/her that you are eligible for skipping a grade in terms of your successful level of learning, sophisticated minds, etc. it is best to pass a grade test/exam. ex) if you're in grade 9 and you want to skip to grade 10, write a grade 10 test and if you pass with a high mark, your teacher is likely to see that you are able.

What grade do you take the Illinois constitution test?

In 8th and 10th grade. You have to pass both.

Do you have to pass taks test to pass fifth grade?

In 5th grade you have the math, reading, and science taks tests but you only have to pass reading and math

How do you pass a hair test for alcohol?

i need a test how can i pass

What skills do you need to become a financial adviser?

You need maths and pass the tomi test. You need maths and pass the tomi test. You need maths and pass the tomi test.

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