How do girls like boys in 6th grade?

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2012-10-11 14:29:47

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I am a girl and was in 6th grade last year.

My advice: Lots of times(sadly) girls just look at the outside, so first of all, dress nicely, take care of your hair (usually the feature girls consider most) and just take care of yourself.

-Girls sometimes like smart boys, So try not to fail sixth grade(LOL).

- Be nice, and polite. Hold doors open for girls, help them with carrying something that seems too heavy.

-I personally like a funny guy, possibly one who plays a sport Well, a smart guy, and a CUTE guy.

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2012-10-11 14:29:47
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Q: How do girls like boys in 6th grade?
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What do 6th grade boys like in girls guys answer only?

They like when girls be themselves around them. They dont like it when girls keep bugging them to talk to them, they think its annoying.

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Maybe if they like them and they know the girl likes them back and they're brave!

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To me it really doesn't matter if that girl like you and you like her then go for it but it unusual for a 6th grade boy go for a 9th grade girl but like i said go for it

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ok 6th grade girls love being with their friends,shopping,talking,and TEXTING but like i said the thing 6th grade girls like the most is just chillin with friends.

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Girls are taller in 6th to 8th grade.

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You don't "get" people to like you. They either like you or don't. At 3rd grade you are too young to be thinking about boys and boys in 6th grade are not interested in little 3rd grade girls. Go out and play instead of thinking about boys and how to get one. People are not like a pair of shoes that you pick off the shelf. They have choices.

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wait a little but i guess it ok

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Nt if your in the 6th grade. Take it slow ur not even in high school yet.

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Most likely 5th grade boys aren't mature enough to look for anythig else than if a girl is pretty or they don't like girls yet anyway

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