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It depends on which state you are living, e.g. In Australia you're not allowed, as for the other state, check wikipedia.

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Q: Do you need a license to have a shotgun in your house?
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Is there such thing as shotgun license?

In the UK you need a licence to own a shotgun,

Do you need a license to purchase a shotgun?

Yes you need a valid state license to purchase any guns.

Do you need a license to buy or own a shotgun or rifle in Tn?


Do you need a permit to buy a shotgun in florida?

As long as you meet the minimum age requirements and are not criminally prohibited, no license is required for a shotgun.

How do you check a house cleaners license number?

To check the license of the house cleaners you need their identity numbers . Once you are logged into their website, you can check the license number of the house cleaners.

What license do you need to sell candy out of your house in New York State?

A sellers license

Do you need license to buy a shotgun?

Depends on where you live. Your spelling of licence may indicate that you are in Great Britain, which DOES require a license. In most of the United States- no.

Do you need a license to sell candy out of your house in California?


Do you need a gun license to own a gun in pa.?

Only NFA regulated items. For a typical rifle or shotgun, no.

Do you have to have license to buy a shotgun?

It depends on where you are. In most U.S. states, you do not have to have a license.

Do you need a license to become a locksmith?

You do need a license to become a locksmith. You will also need a certificate for re keying locks. They make you get a license so you can show the customer who you are and it will reasure them you will not break into thier house.

Does a house cleaning service need a California contractor license?